• Den amerikanske våpenhjelpen: Modernisering eller konservering? 1950 - 1968 

      Gjeseth, Gullow (Oslo files;, Others, 2014)
      In this study, Gullow Gjeseth discusses the effect of the US arms aid programme on the Norwegian Armed Forces between 1950 and 1968. Did the provision of American weapons and new military technology result in the modernisation ...
    • Den norske mobiliseringshæren 1950-1970: rasjonelt kompromiss eller nasjonal livsløgn? 

      Håkenstad, Magnus (Oslo files on defence and security;4, Others, 2010)
    • Emerging from the Frost: Security in the 21st century 

      Skogrand, Kjetil (ed.) (Oslo files on defence and security;2, Others, 2008)
      On 25–26 September 2007 the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies hosted an international conference on the security politics of the Arctic region. This issue of Oslo Files contains a collection of contributions from the ...
    • Emerging naval powers in Asia: China's and India's quest for sea power 

      Basit, Saira; Tunsjø, Øystein (Oslo files on defence and security studies;2, Others, 2012)
      This study offers a historically informed and comprehensive assessment of the contemporary naval policies of China and India, the leading rising powers. It shows how China and India, traditionally and predominantly concerned ...
    • Finally eating soup with a knife? A historical perspective on the US Army's 2006 counterinsurgency doctrine 

      Kronvall, Olof (Oslo files on defence and security;5, Others, 2007)
      In 2006, the US Army adopted a new counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine, Field Manual 3-24. The doctrine establishes new guidelines for conducting operations such as those currently taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq, where ...
    • Forecasting crisis: Climate change and US security 

      Mayer, Michael (Oslo files on defence and security;6, Others, 2007)
      The regions projected to be most adversely affected by climate change are among those deemed of increasing strategic importance to the United States: Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia. The added stress ...
    • Forsvaret og private militære firmaer 

      Svendsen, Jahn Arvid (Oslo files on defence and security;5, Others, 2009)
      According to official Norwegian policy, the Armed Forces may not employ the services of private military companies, nor enter into any operational collaboration with such firms. Norway considers its position to be in ...
    • Forsvaret til Libya 2011: klar til strid? 

      Heier, Tormod (Oslo files on defence & security;04, Others, 2012)
      This study explores the historical detachment of Norwegian air power under the unique UN mandate to protect Libyan civilians in March 2011. In less than 100 hours after the Security Council adopted resolution 1973 authorising ...
    • Forsvarskommisjonen av 1946: planleggingen av norsk etterkrigsforsvar på 1940-tallet 

      Gjeseth, Gullow (Oslo files on Defence and Security;02, Research report, 2016)
      The recommendations of the Defence Commission of 1946 have been portrayed in defence literature as having had little relevance to the establishment of Norway’s post-war defence posture. Gullow Gjeseth argues against this ...
    • Forsvarsrettet sikkerhetssektorreform : norsk sikkerhetspolitisk bistand til Serbia og Montenegro 

      Haaverstad, Terje; Busterud, Ingrid O. (Oslo files on defence and security;1, Others, 2012)
      The study addresses Norwegian policy on and practices to promote Defence Security Sector Reform (DSSR) in the Western Balkans. Focusing primarily on Serbia and Montenegro, the authors analyse the organisation of the Norwegian ...
    • Forsvarsstillinger i Lyngen-området 

      Dalmo, Kurt Henrik (Oslo Files on Defence and Security;03, Others, 2014)
      I denne studien ser Kurt Henrik Dalmo på hva som var årsaken til at Forsvaret tidlig på 1980-tallet bestemte seg for å bygge ut permanente forsvarsstillinger i Lyngen-området. Stillingene fikk etter hvert tilnavnet ...
    • Fremmede ubåter i norske fjorder. Realitet eller myte? 

      Gjelsten, Roald (Oslo files on defence and security;01, Others, 2013)
      The purpose of this study has been to utilise the available source material to analyse the circumstances surrounding reported observations of unidentified underwater objects in Norwegian territorial waters. The aim has ...
    • Georgia og Russland: Et vanskelig naboskap 

      Opdahl, Ingerid M. (Oslo files on defence and security;6, Others, 2008)
      The bilateral relationship between Russia and Georgia has been particularly difficult after the end of the Cold War. It is also a relationship that affects the policies of powers like the United States and European Union ...
    • Heimevernet og Hæren: landforsvaret stykkevis og delt - eller helt? 

      Bjerga, Kjell Inge; Gjeseth, Gullow (Oslo files on defence and security;2, Others, 2010)
    • How Peace Diplomacy Lost Post 9/11: What implications are there for Norway? 

      Helgesen, Vidar (Oslo files on defence and security;3, Others, 2007)
      Peace diplomacy has been a Norwegian foreign policy priority ever since the early successes of the Oslo channel in the Middle East. Though the nineties were a golden decade for peace diplomacy, the situation changed after ...
    • Interesser i norsk engasjementspolitikk 

      Kristoffersen, Lene (Oslo files on defence and security;4, Others, 2009)
      Since the end of the Cold War, Norway has become increasingly involved in peace building activities. This study looks into motives behind Norwegian peace diplomacy and peace building efforts, with a particular focus on the ...
    • Long-term defence planning: a comparative study of seven countries 

      Håkenstad, Magnus; Larsen, Kristian Knus (Oslo files on defence and security;05, Others, 2012)
      This study compares the long-term defence planning systems of the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Long-term defence planning is here understood ...
    • Marinens beredskap 1960-90: kampklar i Nordflåtens skygge 

      Gjelsten, Roald (Oslo files on defence and security;4, Others, 2011)
    • Et militært universalmiddel? Amerikansk "Maneuver Warfare" og norsk doktrineutvikling 

      Sæveraas, Torgeir E.; Henriksen, Kjetil (Oslo files on defence and security;1, Others, 2007)
      ”Maneuver warfare” – manøverkrigføring – er ofte blitt trukket fram som et militært universalmiddel, anvendelig i så vel forsvar som angrep, på land, til sjøs og i lufta. Denne første utgaven i serien Oslo Files on Defence ...
    • Nordic defence cooperation after the Cold War 

      Saxi, Håkon Lunde (Oslo Files;1, Others, 2011)
      During the Cold War the different alignment choices of the Nordic states meant that military cooperation among them was highly circumscribed, and security issues were taboo in the Nordic Council. Following the events of ...