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    • The Democratic Peace Controversy. A Critical Survey 

      Barth, Boris (Oslo files on defence and security;1, Others, 2008)
      The central idea of “democratic peace” theory (DP) is that democracies do not go to war with another. Since the 1960s this theory has been extremely popular among political scientists, but there are a number of methodological ...
    • The Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Project 

      Basit, Saira (Oslo files on defence and security;4, Others, 2008)
      The planned Iran-Pakistan-India natural-gas pipeline (IPI Pipeline) has been in the Asian spotlight for many years and its full realisation would be politically ground-breaking. Its energy-supply route is planned to cross ...
    • The rise of naval powes in Asia and Europe's decline 

      Terjesen, Bjørn; Tunsjø, Øystein (eds.) (Oslo files on defence and security;06, Others, 2012)
      For the first time in modern history Asian states are spending more on defence than their European counterparts. The sea power ambitions of leading land powers such as China, Russia and India stand as a challenge to US ...
    • US policy toward Russia after 9/11: between cooperation and containment 

      Devold, Thomas (Oslo Files;3, Others, 2008)
      17 years after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the bilateral relationship between the United States and Russia is still one of the most important in world politics. Despite this, the US-Russia relationship seems to be ...
    • USA og Nato etter 9/11 

      Dalane, Jo Sølve Aadland (Oslo files;5, Others, 2011)
    • Vervede i Forsvaret: motivasjon, erfaringer og fremtidsplaner 

      Gustavsen, Elin (Oslo files on defence and security;6, Others, 2011)
      This study explores attitudes and experiences of contracted personnel in the Norwegian Armed Forces. It is based on information from 28 interviews with personnel in the Army, Air Force and Navy. Topics for discussion were ...
    • War studies: Perspectives from the Baltic and Nordic War Colleges 

      Kristiansen, Tom; Olsen, John Andreas (eds.) (Oslo files on defence and security;2, Others, 2007)