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    • Overraskelsesangrep i operasjoner: Utnyttelse og håndtering 

      Strøm, Lars (Militære studier;5/2016, Research report, 2016-09-21)
      Surprise attacks are a fundamental and lasting part of warfare and diplomacy. They possess such force multiplying power that countless nations and their militaries throughout history have tried to exploit their fruits in ...
    • På sporet av en norsk krigerkultur: Holdninger til militærmakt før og nå 

      Brunborg, Ole Martin (Militære studier;1, Others, 2015)
      This study sets out to explore the virtues of a possible Norwegian warrior culture. Examining military journals, Army Field Manuals, doctrines and even fictional literary sources from the turn of the last two centuries, ...
    • Strategisk tenkning? Norsk maktbruk i Afghanistan 

      Westrum, Torgeir Wåde (Militære studier;4, Others, 2014)
      From 2001 until 2014, Norway has participated in NATO-led operations in Afghanistan. This study examines the scope of strategic thought underlying the Norwegian engagement. Is there a clear Norwegian national strategy when ...