• The Turkish armed forces in politics 

      Haugom, Lars (IFS Insights ;1, Others, 2012)
      Entrusted by law with the dual task of protecting the state and guarding its founding principles, the Turkish military has played a decisive role in shaping the political course since the founding of the republic of Turkey ...
    • Tilting towards Russia, but anchored in NATO. Turkey’s foreign policy activism and its implications 

      Aamodt, Simen G.; Haugom, Lars (IFS Insights;6/2019, Report, 2019)
      Turkey strengthened ties with Russia after the military coup attempt on July 15, 2016, triggering widespread concerns that Ankara is ‘drifting away’ from NATO. In this article, we argue that although a rapprochement has ...
    • Turkey after the coup attempt 

      Haugom, Lars (IFS Insights;4, Research report, 2016)
      This IFS Insight examines the 15 July 2016 coup attempt in Turkey and its implications for relations between the Turkish military, government and society.