• China’s rise and strategic adjustments in Asia and Europe 

      Tunsjø, Øystein (IFS Insights;1, Report, 2018-01)
      Studying the United States’ two flanking regions enhances our understanding of the future US role in Europe’s defence and security affairs. The US is facing similar security challenges in both of its flanking regions. There ...
    • Emerging naval powers in Asia: China's and India's quest for sea power 

      Basit, Saira; Tunsjø, Øystein (Oslo files on defence and security studies;2, Others, 2012)
      This study offers a historically informed and comprehensive assessment of the contemporary naval policies of China and India, the leading rising powers. It shows how China and India, traditionally and predominantly concerned ...
    • Rivalisering i Øst-Asia 

      Tunsjø, Øystein (IFS Insights;, Others, 2010)